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Suspension Service, Repair and Replacement by Mobile Mechanics in Calgary

Your vehicle's suspension keeps your tires safetly planted on the road. Mobi-Tech's mobile mechanics can diagnose, service, repair and replace almost any part of your suspension system, anywhere you are in Calgary.

Suspension Inspection Services

Often overlooked, your vehicle’s suspension system works hard to support thousands of pounds of steel everyday. Eventually these parts will become worn and require replacement.

Usually suspension is only credited with offering a smooth ride, but your vehicle’s suspension system is also critical to your vehicle safety. Affecting everything from braking to turning, a poor suspension system greatly reduces your over all control of the vehicle.

Let us come to you. With our mobile mechanic service you can have your suspension system checked out and repaired anywhere in Calgary.

Suspension Services

  • Road Test
  • Springs Replacement
  • Shocks Replacement
  • Struts Replacement
  • Control Arms Replacement
  • Ball joints Replacement
  • Bushings Replacement

When do I need a suspension inspection?

We recommend a full suspension inspection at least once a year or before any long road trip. There are also signs that you can spot to know when an inspection should be performed. Look out for these major signs something could be wrong with your suspension system.

  • Clunks
  • Bouncing
  • Sagging
  • Drifting

Suspension Repair and Replacement

Already know what you need? Have you had the car inspected by another shop and would like a quote from us? We would be happy to give you a quote on service you already know you need. Any suspension repair or replacement booked with us also includes a complimentary road test and pre-inspection.

Remember with our Price Guarantee we will match and beat any competitor’s price by 10%!