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Vehicle died while driving? Battery light on? Let us get your charging system back up and running.

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Charging System Services

Your vehicle’s charging system is the most vital part of your vehicle’s smooth and continued operation. Once the vehicle has started, your charging system generator converts the mechanical rotation of your engine into AC voltage, which it then converts into DC voltage all while you enjoy listening to the radio on your latest road trip.

Your charging system is responsible for keeping all of your vehicles many electrical systems running. It does all of this while also keeping your battery charge topped up so your vehicle can start up the next morning.

All of our charging system inspections and repairs are performed by Red Seal mechanics so you can rest assured your charging system repair will be done right. Getting you back o the road in no time.

Best of all, being a mobile service, there is no need to tow your vehicle to get the charging system looked at. We will come to you, where ever you are in Calgary.

Charging System Inspection

  • Test Battery
  • Test Alternator
  • Inspect Connections
  • Inspect Battery Draws
  • Inspect Voltage Regulator


Why is my battery light on?

Battery Light On Cluster

The battery tell tale lamp has been standard on vehicles since the 1980s. This simple warning light lets the driver know one thing, that the voltage being produced while the vehicle is running is under the specified amount. Meaning that your electrical system is not getting quite the power it needs to work properly. Once illuminated your vehicle will start running all of it’s electronic devices from the battery it’s self. Once the battery has become fully discharged however, the vehicle will eventually shut down and leave you stranded.

Although the battery light is a sure fire way to know that there is a problem with your charging system. Sometimes it will not illuminate and there will be other signs that your charging system is starting to fail. These signs include,

Slow Cranking

Poor Idle

Engine Whine

Lights Flicker

Alternator Replacement

Already know what you need? Have you had the car inspected by another shop and would like a quote from us? We would be happy to give you a quote on service you already know you need.

Any alternator replacement booked with us also includes a complimentary road test and pre-inspection.

Remember with our Price Guarantee we will match and beat any competitor’s price by 10%!

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